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Nibberich Kühlanhänger - Hersteller von PKW Kühlanhänger

Areas of application

Food logistics

A freezer on wheels preserves the freshness of perishable items. We support high quality and secure loading and unloading of your cooled and fresh produce, as well as dried goods.

Beverage cooling

No matter if it is a private garden party or a large-scale event in midsummer, thanks to the sufficient cooling and our solutions, your beverages are cooling more rapidly. The 2-stage twin cooling unit chills all your beverages, whether they are soft or alcoholic, to frosty temperatures.


Extreme stresses like the constant opening and closing of doors—whether during a small event like a little shooting match or a large outdoor event—our refrigerated trailers has got you covered.

Party service

For the 25th birthday or the silver wedding, thanks to our high efficiency cooling system, your goods are reaching cool.


As a result of our sophisticated refrigerated vehicle technology, your beverages and food always arrive fresh. From ice cream and cakes to fresh fruit, our two-axle trailer offers a lot of storage space with a payload of about 1700kg -2300 kg.


The just shot game should be cooled and moved as soon as possible? No problem, thanks to our refrigerated trailers, your game can cool properly without drying out. So it can be brought to core temperature quickly afterwards.


Your slaughterhouse is in the best of walls with us. Our stable tubular tracks are designed for high slaughter weight and have the slaughterhouse connection as standard. With the optimally designed chiller you can use your meat have it stored in our refrigerated trailer without loss of quality. The electronic control ensures constant temperatures and exact defrosting processes.