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Nibberich Kühlanhänger - Hersteller von PKW Kühlanhänger

Technical data

A high degree of safety due to:

  • total weight: 2700 kg or 3500 kg
  • payload: about 1700 kg or 2300 kg ( depending on equipment)
  • tandem nieper, axes in more difficult capacity
  • 950 kg tires (100 km/h), 195R14 C8PR (5,5J-14) prepared for 100 km/h expansion
  • Fully welded base frames at Z-profile with crossbars and reinforcing
       interlayers, hot-dip galvanized, prepared for retrofitting of step tread
  • Knott control device with V-tiller and reversing mechanism
  • 4-times crank support
  • galvanized support wheel 1,2 tonnes (static) on stable crossbar to V-tiller lighting (13-pole)
  • 2 V lighting Aspöck combi lamp with rear fog lamp, in LED
  • Limiting lights forward down white, rear down white/yellow/red, in LED
  • Additional clearance lights on top sideways in front and on top sideways
       rear white/red, in LED


 Always cool thanks:

  • high performance cooling system with the 2-stage twin cooling unit with 2320 Watt
       of power at VT -5° manufacturer Danfoss, 230 V, refrigerant R134a
  • roof evaporators with high performance fan (1650 m³/h volume flow rate) including
       electrical heating for defrost, manufacture Gütner
  • electronic control system, programming important parameters for the individual
       adaption customer-specific needs, hedge 12 ampere
  • waterproof housing of stainless steel
  • operation with emergency power possible
  • interior lighting 230V LED moisture-proof luminaires with door contact switch


Freshness guarantee through:

  • Ground/roof/wall: cooling panels EM, 60 mm, PIR foamed, both sides galvanised
       sheed steel model, coated RAL 9002, K-Wert 0,34 W/sqm K,
       1. choice quality! Inside food save FS 4000 certified
  • Rear door: double swing gantries with circumferential CNS U-profile
       frames with reinforcing interlayers optional with buffer on top and bottom
  • Mount cut-out in full width and height about w= 1,50 or 1,70 m x h= 2,0 m,
       no protruding profiles in the rear frame for safe
       and easy loading and unloading
  • External corners of sheet steel RAL 9002 with riveted and
       glued corner covers (CNS- rivet waterproof)
  • Inner corner all-round aluminium, glued and riveted (CNS-rivet waterproof)
  • Mudguards-aluminium-platform with reinforcement brace
  • Double-leaf, separated in the middle, insulation 80 mm,
       with servo 06 compression lever including emergency release
       inside, lockable handles profile cylinder, espagnolette bold for
       fixed leaf inside, per wing 3 solid rag-tapes 270° opening angle,
       door holder, rubber bump
  • Wooden floor multiplex printing plate 15 mm of one piece with buffer edging